Lauren // UT Austin Senior Portrait Shoot

One of my first and best memories of college was meeting Lauren during Dorm Move-In Day our freshman year in 2014. After that first year of being next-door neighbors, eating many meals together (hello, SRD rolls!), and even sharing a secret wall knocking system, we've stayed friends despite living apart. When she asked me to take her senior portraits for her upcoming Spring 2018 graduation, I naturally said, "Yes!"

Lauren is one of the most practical people I know, but she also embraces all the fun that comes her way. She's your dependable, go-to gal to lift your spirits, and when I see her, I can always count on my day being instantly made. The thought of her graduating just about brings me to tears. Time flies so fast, and it's amazing how things come full circle from freshman to senior year. Here are some highlights from her 1-hour portrait photo shoot session: